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Ben Stokes & Stuart Broad two of the greatest cricketers of all time, have come together to create their own podcast 'Round The Wicket' , to give you an unrivalled insight into their pursuit at reclaiming the biggest trophy in cricket in 'The Ashes'.

Over the next 10 weeks they will be giving us behind the scenes access to their bubble and sharing with us insights into the oldest rivalry in the game. Each week they will be joined by some of the biggest names in sport alongside their current teammates as we experience and decipher first hand, all the unfolding on and off the pitch.

So, make sure that you're strapped in for the ride by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts as we welcome you 'Down Under' to witness blow by blow the greatest contest in sport.

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gaGod (Aaron)

4cast Creator

GaGOD is an up & coming influencer in the gaming streaming industry. He is a competitive FPS Controller player big on community, highly skilled, loves setting records & playing in tournaments.  He’s a top console gamer recognised by the gaming community for his high performance gameplay, while also being a charismatic personality with his humour, competitive tone as well as crazy plays.

Currently playing Call of Duty & PUBG. Video games have been an important part of his life since he was 8 years old, when he started playing Unreal Tournament. GaGOD is a Twitch and PUBG partner. (Former Mixer Partner with over 140,000 followers).

In his free time, he loves cheering on the Tampa Bay Bucs, Detroit Red Wings and is an avid lover of cats!

GaGOD’s mission is to achieve excellence in gaming and spread the power of passionate dedication while always having fun.

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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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  • Being a top streamer on Mixer
  • PUBG kill record holder 75k Twitch Rivals Warzone Duo winner
  • 100k Warzone syndicate Sunday winner KFC gaming – Multi game £10k tournament winner
  • Ninja's Mixer matchup Halo Tournament winner