The cornerstone of the 4CAST gaming model focuses on talent management and influencer marketing dedicated to working with the worlds biggest gaming and social media influencers and world renowned brands.
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Our talent roster contains some of Europe's brightest gaming creators and social media influencers, and we've got plans to expand and launch our maiden competitive team in 2023.

We incubate
promising careers

We specialise in helping content creators turn their social influence and passion into long-lasting careers and connecting brands to the most powerful form of marketing...Influencers.


Commercial partnerships play a valuable role in any creator’s career, and we seek to form longer standing relationships with brands than traditional campaign led contracts to enable our creators to offer promotional consistency to their audience alongside a selected roster of brand partners.


We work with our roster of creators to harness their exceptional in-stream talent to enable them to improve their overall content output. With workshops and educational projects, we seek to bring the best on screen performances out of our digital creators, allowing them to take their streaming careers to the next level.


Merchandising represents a clear commercial opportunity in the streaming sector and serves as a way to further connect with and benefit a loyal audience. We put all the tools in place for our creators to launch new merchandise and hardware projects almost instantaneously.


Great content results in growth. Alongside our 4CAST MEDIA team, we help our creators formulate content plans, storyboarding and mini-series as we seek to take their content production to the next level. In turn, this increases their commercial viability for partners and aids in growing their audience base.

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The Athlete's Voice by 4CAST gives a voice to people from all sports, from the 4CAST collective's founder members to its ever-increasing roster of athletes, executives and professionals.

Packed with exclusive content about careers, interests and business opportunities, The Athlete's Voice demonstrates the richness of life beyond sport through the lens of its athletes, providing insight, challenging stereotypes and inspiring others.

Download it now to get everything in one place, from cricket and entrepreneurship to gaming and mental wellness, with exclusive and aggregated content, competitions, live match centres and more.

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